Hansbro Square

Identified as Hansbro Square by some at First Baptist Church, what is now a beautiful park-like square was once owned by the Hansbro family of Coldspring, Texas.  J. M. Hansbro, a local attorney in the early 1900s, was instrumental in procuring the property where today’s county courthouse now stands.  The town of Coldspring relocated to its present location after a 1915 fire destroyed the wooden courthouse at the original site.  Prior to completion of the new courthouse in 1917, Mr. Hansbro built a lovely two-story country mansion for his family one block southeast of the new courthouse.

No longer inhabited by the Hansbro descendants, the home (filled with priceless antiques) mysteriously burned in the late 1990s.  First Baptist Church was later able to purchase the home site property that included the entire city block.  Today, the area is used by the church for various children’s activities, family nights, and much more.

   March 2019   
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